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Good Saturday morning to the wonderful ladies of Picket Fences!
Well, at least I HOPE it is a good Saturday morning. I don’t know about you, but I’m NOT a fan of the winter weather and, even though the Ohio Valley has been spared the brunt of nature’s wrath during this winter season, those of you in other locations are bearing the brunt of some pretty nasty storms. And, even though that I know some of you like winter weather; my personal preference is a warm tropical island somewhere.

This morning while drinking my coffee, I received an email from a seed company with a coupon for 20% off, so I decided it might be a good time to order some seeds for the spring. Yep. Even though the forecast today is cold, windy and (maybe) snowy, I know that my flower and garden beds are STILL there underneath the rotting leaves, dreary skies and snow. I also know that when the time comes, the flowers will begin to come back up and spring and summer WILL eventually arrive. The snow will melt…the brown will turn into green with new growth. Winter will not last forever. In my 48 years, summer has always arrived after winter. So, unless you live in Barrow, AK, Siberia or the South Pole, winter will not last forever! So, I’m going to order some seeds in anticipation of growing season.

So, let just talk about it:

And, yeah, tomorrow is that day that my 22 year old son calls “Single Awareness Day”. Valentine’s Day can be a difficult day for many of us, especially if you are just starting the awful journey of divorce. I’ve never been one to “celebrate” V-Day. I know that for many of you this day make your alone-ness painfully obvious. Remember, this is a made-up day that was created by florists and card makers and chocolatiers! We should show our love to those we care about EVERY DAY. Jesus didn’t show love one day a year…it was a 24/7 thing with Him.

A couple of years ago, a day or two before February 14, there was a headline in the newspaper that read: “Valentine’s Day Ruined”. When I glanced at the article it was talking about last year’s big winter storm having a huge impact on the delivery of fresh flowers….so, I guess the winter storm was fixing to “ruin” Valentine’s Day. Think about that: V-Day RUINED because of a winter storm. How ridiculous is that?! (Of course, we know that February 14 came and went last year without interruption, so we know that V-Day was not “ruined”.)

Do we need flowers, candy, cards and stuffed bears to tell someone we love them? Do we NEED these things to feel loved? Now, we know that these items do not equal true love, but the mentality of this made-up day has possibly conditioned us to believe these things are the “norm”.

How can we survive V-Day? Well, first of all, know that this, too, shall pass. February 14 has become a part of our “culture” whether we like it or not…but, February 15 always comes after February 14. Yes. The next day will be February 15. V-Day will be over and all chocolate will be HALF PRICE.. If you feel compelled to celebrate V-Day (and I’m not saying anything is wrong or right with V-Day), show your love to someone near to you….your kids, parents, a friend, someone who is all alone. Perhaps watch some silly, mindless movies on TV, treat yourself to something special, adopt a pet, get a perm, volunteer at the homeless shelter, write a thank you note to a long lost teacher, come visit the PFDRM Forum (it’s always better when YOU are here)…be creative!

Remember, Jesus taught us to show our love to one another always. And they will know you are My disciples because of your love for one another… John 13:35

Some of the greatest words ever penned in Scripture are And it came to pass… Yes. It DOES come to pass…all of it: winter, bad seasons, sadness, grief, happiness, good times, bad times…all of it. Yes, God led the Israelites TO the desert, BUT He did not leave them there forever. You may be in the desert (or I guess it would be more like frozen tundra during this time of the year) or a PIT, but, girlfriends, you will not be there forever!

There may still be tears and that is OK. You will survive. God is good. God is faithful. He NEVER CHANGES. Ever. One day, there will be no more tears. I long for that day.
Lisa D

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