Summer, the unexpected and broken bicycles

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I praise you, for I am fearfully and wonderfully made.
Wonderful are your works;
my soul knows it very well.

~ Psalm 139 14

It is already July 16!  I totally intended on posting more blogs, but, as the new saying goes:  it is what it is!  
This summer has already proven to be one filled with the unexpected.  I have (perhaps foolishly) signed up for a 184 mile bike ride along this summer, beginning July 21, which is only in a few days.  Am I ready for this trip?  I’m thinking that I probably am not totally prepared because I have never been on this particular trail before.  Fortunately, there is a woman in our group who HAS ridden on this trail so she has been disseminating her wisdom on packing, lodging and food.  I, for one, am thankful that at least ONE person in our group of five, knows what to expect.  I am hoping to be able to chronicle our travels, or at least summarize the journey, so stay tuned for the rest of that particular story, as I am sure it will be quite an adventure (well, I hope it is not THAT much of an adventure).

The summer of 2000 was also a summer filled with the unexpected, as I began life as a newly divorced single mom.  Unlike the upcoming bike trip, this was not a journey that I had voluntarily signed my name on the dotted line; however, due to circumstances mostly beyond my control…it was what it was.

Although my family was supportive, they had no idea what I was going through because I was the “first” in my family experience divorce firsthand.  (Lucky me!)  Fortunately, because of His love, God strategically placed other women in my pathway when I needed them the most who were there to tell me:  There is LIFE after divorce.  You will eventually be OK.  I listened to them and saw their lives and thought, I have a long way to go, but if they can get through this, I suppose I can as well.

Fifteen years later, I can say that, YES, I made it through!  I can emphatically say that YES…there is LIFE after divorce.  I am thankful that I found Picket Fences on January 16, 2001 because I was able to connect with women who had been there and who understood the dark, awful place that I was experiencing.

Through circumstances that only God could have ordained, this ministry was given to me several years ago and, until He tells me to move on, I seem to be here as a leader, of sorts. However, I will write about that later.

I must sign off at the moment, as I have a 183 mile bike trip coming up for which I am woefully unprepared.  Here is a picture of what happened to my bicycle on Monday as I was riding with a friend.  As I was pedaling over a bridge, the derailer mechanism had a serious break-down.  We are thankful that this happened while we were in close proximity to civilization, and not at the beginning of our trail trip.  Fortunately, the wonderful repair shop boys were able to repair the gear mechanism and it should be good to go.

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