Moving Day, Old Vans and Pickles

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On Saturday, June 17, 2000, at approximately 12:30 p.m. CST, I watched my beloved neighborhood in the Houston suburbs disappear forever in my rear view mirror.  On that day, I drove my 1996 Astro van, loaded with my two children, my two miniature doxie dogs, my stuff, and my mom (in the passenger seat) down Glen Loch drive for a final time as I followed the big Ryder truck, driven by my dad and loaded with the rest of our belongings, and began my journey toward a new life back in my Ohio hometown.

This was not a journey that I neither wanted nor had intended to take; yet, through the course of uncontrollable events, it just happened.  

Life changed drastically that day.  Yet, in His infinite wisdom, my Heavenly Father had a PLAN.  In spite of my brokeness, He did not leave me out there hanging.  

I drove my 1996 Astro van, which was later given the name, Trusty Rusty, for many more years, and he became a running joke among my friends (and, yes, God gave me new friends when I moved back).  In 2011, when I purchased a newer vehicle, I passed Trusty Rusty along to my son, which he was able to drive another year or two before the van finally went to the Great Junkyard in the Beyond.  

My miniature doxie dogs, Cinnamon and Noodle, have also passed away, but our rescue dog, Pickles (far right in the picture), is a reminder to me of how our Heavenly Father rescued me.  

UPDATE:  Apparently, part of this blog failed to save yesterday and I notice that a great deal of it is…missing.  Although I cannot remember everything I had said, I do want to add that on May 16, 2003, I began another new step when I married the love of my life.  We recently celebrated our 12th year together.  God is good!

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