Fixing to Leave….

By July 21, 2015Posts

Are we there yet???

I seem to have wrapped everything up in the office and am now fixing to leave for the big bike trip as soon as I finish this blog post.   This big bike trip consists of me and four other women who will be trekking the C & O Towpath from Cumberland, MD, to somewhere close to Washington, DC.  The picture above shows my bike partially loaded with my belongings that I think I will need.

This trip is a first for me, but since I’m an adventurous individual, I’m ready for the challenge (I think).   Fortunately, one of the ladies has already been on this journey, so she has been the organizer and has provided us with a checklist.  I’m thankful for this trip checklist because, otherwise, I would have no clue what to expect.

We have spent most of the weekend going through the checklist, checking with experience cyclists, and trying to anticipate any problem that we may encounter; however, I know that sometimes there can be those unexpected interruptions along the pathway.  For these unexpected interruptions, we have an emergency plan in place.

When going through life (particularly a divorce, since this is a divorce recovery group blog), it is helpful to interact with others who have already traveled through the pathway.  Although their unexpected interruptions may be much different than yours, it will at least give you some idea that, YES, there WILL be things that are unexpected.  Remember, our pathways through life, WILL hit road blocks and detours, but the One Who Navigates is always on His Throne and will never leave you to navigate alone.

Until the end of the trail, remember:  God is good, all the time.  All the time, God is good!
Lisa D

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