Do You Feel Like the World is Against You?

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There is refrain, written by the duo of Richard Rodgers and Oscar Hammerstein, which goes like this:
Oh, what a beautiful mornin’!
Oh, what a beautiful day!
Oh, what a beautiful feeling!
Everything’s going my way!

As a little girl, I hear this song over and over.  Honestly, I don’t remember where…it may have been my dad always singing it or one of my grandparents.  But…every once in a while, this little refrain (which is from the musical, Oklahoma!) comes back from the recesses of my mind and starts bouncing around.

A little honesty here:  sometimes, this song comes and I want to scream it this way (my apologies if the word below is offensive to you, but there are way-worse words that could be used):
Oh, what a crappy morning!
Oh, what a crappy day!
Oh, what a crappy feeling!
NOTHING is going my way!

Have you ever felt like NOTHING is going your way?  If you have, you aren’t alone. I have felt this many, many times.  Some days it seems as though there was is bright red target on my head with neon arrows pointing with a sign that says “KICK ME”  Some days, it seems as though everything I say comes out wrong and inappropriately,  and everything I do is a big FAIL.  And, sometimes, on these days, my emotions get the best of me…which always, ALWAYS, make things worse.  Know what I mean?

I am going to venture to guess that most of us go through this feeling of “having the whole world against you” at least once during our lifetime.  How do we cope? How do we survive?   I’m not an expert, but there are the things that have helped me.  We MUST remember that:

This is temporary.
Yes.  That’s right.  These trials are temporary.  They do NOT last forever: The test you can’t seem to pass….the bankruptcy proceedings…the custody battles…the endless hours of menial tasks in a minimum wage job you were forced to take…the humiliation of standing in the welfare lines…the vehicle that will not stay running…the bicycle tire that won’t stay inflated…the unforgiving medical diagnosis…the un-housebroken puppy.

We need to stop and breathe.
Sometimes things can get out of hand and out of control quickly.  Combining out-of-control emotions with out-of-control circumstances is a recipe for disaster almost every time.  Sitting back quietly (if possible), breathing and bringing the emotions into check before making rash decisions is typically a good idea.  For example, if the latest email, text or social media post was “the last straw” in your fragile state…WAIT.  Do NOT write back in the heat of the moment.  Put your head in your pillow and scream if you must…but generally, putting the raw emotions in writing and sending them to a nemesis will backfire.

We only are seeing part of the big picture.
Circumstances can mire us down so far that sometimes all we can see are the circumstances.  For example, for a college student, being three credit hours shy of the next level can be devastating and may mean an extra semester or two in college; however, for someone who has been in the workforce for decades, the extra semester or two in college will seem like “small potatoes” in the grand scheme.  When we are in the thick of it and are failing to see “the forest for the trees”, it is good at this time to reach out to those who are currently “outside of our forest”.  These are times when a good friend, trusted counselor or pastor can help us by standing by us and giving assurances that THIS, TOO, SHALL PASS.

It is not the end of the world.
Yeah, it might be the end of the world as WE know it.  For example, when my X abandoned me and my two small children, my world as a stay-at-home suburbia mom ended.  It wasn’t even a graceful retirement end…it was abrupt.  It was harsh.  It was the end of my world as I knew it at the time.  Little did I know that this roadblock, which seemed terminal at the time, would lead me on a detour that would take me down a different path in life.   Interrupted?  Detoured?  That’s OK.  The road still continues.

Life’s not fair.
Nope.  It sure isn’t.  Some folks never can seem to catch a break; whereas others seem to always have a stroke of good luck and fortune no matter what.  But, comparing your life to someone else’s life is a sure-fire way to stir up those NOT FAIR feelings.  If you are Charlie-Brown-ing through life, take heart!  Your Heavenly Father LOVES you.  There may be things going on behind the scenes in which you are not aware (remember our Old Testament friend, Job).  Be faithful.

Be thankful.
Even when EVERYTHING is going wrong, try and find at least ONE thing for which to be thankful.  Whenever something bad happens to me, say, they were out of my coffee creamer at the convenience store or if the restaurant got my order wrong, I try and remind myself:  “If this is the worst thing that happens to me all day, it will be a pretty good day.”  Even in the worst of times (and, no, the coffee creamer is definitely not the worst thing that can happen), there are always things to be thankful for.  “In EVERYTHING give thanks”

God loves you.
Yes.  No matter where you are…no matter where you’ve been, what you’ve done, what you’ve seen, what you haven’t done, how bad  you are, how good you are….no matter what.  HE LOVES YOU.

Jesus had the weight of the world on His shoulders as He hung on the cross…alone.  He cried out asking why God had forsaken Him.  At that moment, there is no doubt that Jesus felt like the whole world was against Him…and, it was.  Literally.   So, don’t worry…you are not alone in your feelings that everyone is against you.  Right before His arrest, Jesus comforted his troubled disciples with these words:
Be of good cheer!  I have overcome the world.

The empty tomb proves this.  Through Jesus, we can live victorious lives and truly have the PEACE THAT PASSES UNDERSTANDING.
We have the end of the Book.  God wins.. 

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