Covert Emotional Abuse

By October 24, 2017Posts

For years I did not understand the dangerous dynamic I was living in in my marriage. It wasn’t until I was manifesting full-blown symptoms of Post Traumatic Stress that I started to understand the seriousness. I felt it was my ‘Christian duty’ to stay in the marriage I had committed to despite there being many years of unresolvable issues that were quite literally destroying me. One of our tasks at Picket Fences Divorce Recovery Ministries is to encourage women to be aware of the symptoms and dynamics involved in abuse. God does not require us to remain in situations that are dangerous to us and damaging to our children. It is our desire to support those who are and to help them seek God for His direction and healing when confronted with abuse. If you have questions and need support, please join our online forum. You don’t have to walk through this complicated maze of pain alone.

10 Signs You Are in an Abusive Relationship

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