Can someone say CHANGE? (and January 12 ramblings)

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Today, as I looked at today’s date that I had written down on something at work, there was something about the date that made me ponder for a moment. Something is familiar about this date.  Am I forgetting something?  My son’s birthday?  A meeting?  What is it…..?
Then, it hit me:  Today is the 26th anniversary of the marriage to my ex husband (my son’s 23rd birthday is in a few days).  Since it has been over 17 years since my divorce was final, this date has lost the significance and impact that it once did.

But, man oh man, have things changed!

Several years ago, a tradition was started on our online support group that we would choose a word for the year.  My previous words have been focus, follow, and challenge.  For the year 2017, I chose the word change (but I am seriously thinking about changing my “word for the year”, which is change).

In my last blog post, I mentioned my injured knee, which has severely put a damper on my training plan.  Although, based today’s visit to the knee doctor, it looks like I will hopefully escape the prospect of knee surgery (pending MRI results), the recovery time is lengthy and I am not going to be able to participate in several of the events that I had planned and I have had to drastically change my fitness program, since running is out of the picture for now.

Last Thursday, my work neighbor and I had a 60 minute notice before maintenance came to relocate our offices to a different floor.  Well, one can imagine the chaos that ensued as I grabbed all available boxes and hurriedly packed everything that I had accumulated for the past seven years that I had occupied my office.
Poof.  Everything changed!

Since my previous office was quite spacious, it had become a dumping ground for odds and ends from our house (art projects, mini-fridge, plants, etc.).  My new office space is about half the size of my previous office so I have been trying to purge, clean, find things (hey…when you have an hour, you can’t exactly pack carefully) and, of course, do my WORK.  I have wonderful new neighbors but am still adjusting to the fact that my computer and other equipment are now on my left, as opposed to previously being on my left.

Although I am certainly not a fan of change, I know that it happens.  The “old me”, or the me of 26 years ago, would not have taken the office change very well and probably would have allowed my temper to rule.  Yes, I did like my very nice spacious office, but I choose to focus at the positives of this change:  my plants are in a window now that faces the sun, my neighbors are great, and I am employed.

Another change taking place in my life is that PFDRM is fixing to move from the current forum to a totally redesigned website/forum.  We (the PFDRM Ministry Team and I) hope to announce the Grand Opening of the new website soon (by the end of this month).  This has proven to be a huge challenge and has presented several significant changes.

There have been a few other significant changes that have occurred since December 31, but I won’t bore you with the details because change happens.​  Change is always going to happen.

My life changed on January 12, 1991 as I walked down the aisle and said I do to the pastor/missionary who would be my husband for 9 years.  Although the marriage was far from being wonderful (it was, quite frankly, terrible), I have two beautiful children as a result.

Yes, I was going somewhere with this train of thought, but I think it has derailed somewhere on the path, so I need to sign off for now.  But, do remember that, even though everything changes:
God does not change
God is with us during the change
God sees more than we see
God is always working
God works everything for good
God love us
God is good

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