Bye-Bye October

By October 31, 2015Posts

October has come and gone and I have neglected to have made a blog entry, but I am not going to beat myself up about it because….it happens.
Besides being one of the busy federal deadline months at my job, which is typical, I was (for the first time in 48 years) in charge of a rather large event at my church.  Now, I’m not an in-charge type of person.   I’m perfectly content to be in the background…you know…where no one sees me.  I’m happy to be serving the food, emptying the garbage, and doing other things behind the scenes, so this being in charge stuff was totally new to me.
Honestly, I am writing this out tonight in order to fulfill my self-imposed-at-least-once-a-month-attempt-at-a-blog obligation.  I’m completely drained and I am humbled that God chose to use a behind the scenes person such as myself, but I will say that He is faithful.

Since I have also signed up for a half marathon in the morning, I must sign off, but I do plan to write more about stepping out on faith.

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