Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a cost associated with joining Picket Fences Divorce Recovery Ministries?

No.  Our services are absolutely FREE.

Why is PFDRM for women-only?

Although there are divorce recovery ministries who do offer support for a mixed gender group, we believe that the women-only designation allows for a more intimate setting. Over the course of 15 years, we have discovered that issues of abandonment, adultery, neglect and abuse are prevalent among Christian women facing separation and divorce; therefore, a women-only setting is necessary for healing due to there being fewer inhibitions and more freedom to share within a same-sex group.

What about men?

We realize that men also suffer from a divorce and certainly have a need for a gender-specific support system. Our website is open to both men and women (articles, resources, prayer requests, etc.), but the PFDRM, Inc. Online Community Forum is for women only. 

Do I have to be a Christian to join PFDRM?

No, the only stipulation for PFDRM is that it is women-only, with our main mission being divorce recovery support. Divorce is awful whether you are a believer or non-believer, but do keep in mind that we are a faith-based ministry and the topic of faith cannot be avoided. You can visit our Statement of Faith for a more detailed outline.

Is this a “pro-” or “anti-divorce” site? Will I feel judged or condemned here?

Picket Fences is a non-judgmental zone.  We neither advocate nor condemn divorce. We believe that divorce happens because of sinful human nature, and that it is unavoidable at times. We realize that most have not made the decision to divorce on a whim; but after much much prayer and agony. Many times this decision was not our own. We are not here to judge or condemn, rather we are here to love, listen and support others who are suffering.

Where can I find the Online Support Group?

You may access this women-only community by clicking on the “Online Community” tab at the top of this site.  Our Online Community has a multi-layered registration process for safety purposes.  Our forum is open 24/7 and is staffed by a group of volunteers who are dedicated to helping women cope with the trauma of divorce.

Are there any “real-life” support groups available?

It is our goal to offer face-to-face support groups in local communities, but at present this is not available.  However, if you are interested in starting a face-to-face PFDRM Group, please contact us, as we would love to discuss this with you.

Do you offer counseling services?

No, we do not offer counseling services. However, on our Resources page, we will soon have a listing of referral services and/or counseling services. Our site is staffed by a group of dedicated volunteers; however, we are not professional counselors, licensed therapists or other professionals.

Do you offer legal assistance?

We do not offer legal assistance. However, on our Resources page, we do offer links to various helpful resources.

Do you offer any literature or printed resources?

Not yet. Our Resources will have recommended books and resources. We are, however, moving in that direction.  We have plans to open a virtual bookstore with divorce-related materials.

Is this group limited to the United States?

Absolutely not! We know that the pain of divorce is not limited to any one geographic location. Although English is the primary language used, we have members from around the globe and we certainly welcome you! We have members from nearly all continents, so please do not feel inhibited. We are here to listen.

Is PFDRM affiliated with a church or a particular denomination?

No, PFDRM Inc. is a non-denominational ministry that is not affiliated with any one local church, religious organization or denomination.  Our foundation is based on Scripture and we try to pattern our service on the love and compassion exemplified and taught by Jesus.  Please visit our Statement of Faith for what we believe.

How long will it take me to “recover” from a divorce?

There is no set timetable for recovery. There are many variables which determine recovery time: length of marriage, cause of divorce, length of separation, nature of abuse (if applicable), etc. The general “rule of thumb” is one year for every five years of marriage.

What about remarriage? I’m recently divorced, and I’ve met this wonderful man…

We realize that being suddenly single after years of companionship can be frightening and overwhelming. However, please keep in mind that the divorce rate for second marriages escalates exponentially as the number of remarriages increase. Is there a time and place for remarriage? Absolutely. We believe that a healthy relationship with the opposite sex cannot occur until healing has occurred. Jumping into another relationship immediately after a failed relationship is simply courting disaster. We believe that one should focus on their relationship with Jesus Christ FIRST before thinking about dating. Remarriage is NOT the “holy grail” of divorce recovery. Our goal at PFDRM is to support one another through the trauma of divorce, not to see that every sister remarried.  However, when that special someone does come along after a period of healing, we truly rejoice with you because our God is a god of second chances.  Over the years, we have seen many of our dear sisters find a second chance at marital love.

I know of a great website or book. Can I share this?

Yes. Please Contact Us with the details and our team will review. If appropriate, we will post it on the website.

I have more questions!

Please feel free to Contact Us with your question and a member of our Ministry Team will respond as soon as possible. Be sure to leave a contact email address so we will know where to send a response.

What if I want to make a donation to PFDRM?

Although PFDRM is completely free for our members with no future plans to EVER charge members, we do incur monthly expenses and rely solely on donations.   But, if you do decide to give, 100% of your donation will go directly to the ministry and your givings are tax-deductible, as we are now a 501(c)3 organization.   For further information, click the button link below: