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"I will repay you for the years the locusts have eaten..." 
Joel 2:25

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A divorce is a devastating and traumatic event for which even the strongest of women find themselves unprepared. At Picket Fences Divorce Recovery Ministries Inc., we recognize that divorce is life-altering. We also realize that going through a divorce alone is extremely difficult and it is much easier to cope when you know there are others "out there" who can relate to what you are going through.

Who are we?

We are a non-denominational, Christian-based network of women who have "been-there-done-that-and-lived-through-it" who are here to support other women on their journey through the challenges of separation and divorce.

Our Vision

At Picket Fences Divorce Recovery Ministries Inc. (PFDRM, Inc.) we endeavor to provide godly emotional and spiritual support to women in the midst, or aftermath, of a marital separation and/or divorce. Our goal is to exemplify a Christ-like attitude, give testimony to the faithfulness of God from our own experiences, and encourage others to look to Him for healing and victory in their difficulties.

What do we offer?

Online Community  On our secure women-only forum, women going through divorce and/or separation can find emotional support and comfort by a dedicated group of volunteers who are there to listen and understand.  

Resources Our Resources page also offers valuable links with practical help and tips to assist you in this emotional journey. Our Resources page is currently undergoing a "makeover". Do you have resource that would be helpful for women going through a divorce? Please let us know and, if copyright laws allow, we will post it here.

Articles Looking for some practical advice on how to navigate a divorce? Our articles page offers several links to helpful blogs and articles.

Want to know more?

Read the About Us page which contains a brief history and a list of FAQs.

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